Chiropractic Care

Infant adjustments are extremely gentle and babies are usually very relaxed!

Infant adjustments are extremely gentle and babies are usually very relaxed!


New Patient Appointment

$50 All new patient appointments are 30 minutes. This gives the doctor time to review your health history, discuss your concerns, begin treatment, and review a care plan.

Adult Chiropractic Care

$35 — Return visit for all patients 12 and up. Once a care plan has been established during the initial visit, follow up visits will be much shorter. Because of this, established patients can often fit into last minute appointments when unexpected events occur. Maintaining a care plan is recommended for your best overall health.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

$35 — Pregnancy discomforts are so common that women are often given the impression that they are normal. Many of these challenges and discomforts can be reduced or even relieved when under the care of a chiropractor with extensive experience caring for pregnant women. Additionally, many women under experienced care report shorter labors, less back labor, and an easier recovery. *Both chiropractors are Webster Certified

Infant Chiropractic Care with CST

$25 — Newborns and infants can often benefit from chiropractic care after being in an unusual position during pregnancy, after a long challenging birth, and even after a very quick birth.  Some of the challenges we can address include difficulty nursing, constipation, jaw clamping, weak suck action, excessive spit-up or reflux, and colic.

Family Chiropractic Care

$80-$100 — Caring for the entire family is the heart of Growing Green Families. Once everyone in the family has been seen as a new patient, we can book a family a visit to save you time and money. The fee for families of up to 4 members (no more than two adults) is $80, and the fee for families of 5 or more members (no more than two adults) is $100.

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