Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Just one generation ago, Vitamin D deficiency was not a concern.  People spent plenty of time outdoors, exposed to sunlight in clean air unprotected - essential for Vitamin D production.  

Now, more than 90% of my patients are severely Vitamin D deficient on lab tests.  Spending most of our time indoors or covered in sunscreen is only part of the problem.  We also struggle with gut dysbiosis and nutrient deficiencies that prevent Vitamin D production and conversion in the body.  ( ;

Vitamin D functions more like a hormone and nearly every cell in your body has a receptor for it.  It is crucial for bone building, immune function, and inflammation regulation.  

One study found that for every 4 ng/mL decrease in level of Vitamin D, there was a 19% increased chance of developing Multiple Sclerosis (

Another study found that those with moderately low vitamin D levels (between 25 and 50 ng/mL) had a 53 percent higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s while those with severe deficiency (less than 25 ng/mL) were shockingly 125 percent more likely. (

We screen all of our Functional Health patients for Vitamin D deficiency and determine the best course and if supplementation is necessary.