Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Did you know that this is one of the TOP recommendations doctors will give for overall health?


We talked last week about preparing for Summer by choosing the right sunscreen and the importance of getting Vitamin D, but this week we are here to chat about the key signs of dehydration and how you can make sure you're getting HALF of your body weight, in ounces, of water EACH DAY.

What are some key signs showing that you may need to gulp down a glass or two?

  1. You're Thirsty. 

    • We know, it may seem obvious, but this is one sure way to tell that you need to drink a glass of water ASAP

  2. You haven't gone to the bathroom in over 3-4 hours

    • On average, we should all be urinating every 3-4 hours and our urine should be a very light yellow or clear in color. If it looks darker than lemonade, drink up!

  3. You have a headache.

    • Did you know that there's many times that people get headaches and it is because of dehydration! So not only will chugging down 2 glasses of water help, but you'll also be able to avoid taking that over-the-counter pain medicine, too!

  4. You're tired.

    • We know, we know, a lot of you on this list are mommas, so you're thinking "ummmm, I'm tired because I'm up every 2 hours". We get it. But especially if you're a nursing mom, you need more water than you think! Try drinking a glass or two of water when you're feeling extra sleepy and see if that helps!

What are some ways to get more hydration besides plain water?

  1. Eat hydrating foods!

    • It's about to hit watermelon season and since that is 92% water, dice it up and get to eating! Or you can feel like a kid again, get a slice and let it run down your elbow, no judgment here! 🍉

  2. Make some fruit-infused water!

    • If you've been into the office lately, you've seen that this is one thing we are LOVING around here. There are tons of recipes you can find on pinterest to keep it fun and exciting. AND we are including some in the newsletter today, so scroll on down!

  3. Don't want to have to chug extra water to stay hydrated?

    • Cut down on your caffeine and alcohol intake! Consuming these drinks will basically put you back two steps in the hydration game, so for every alcoholic or caffeinated drink you consume, you'll have to consume double the amount of water to break even!