Lactation and Childbirth Education

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Lactation Counseling

Christy is a Certified Lactation Counselor as of Feb 2017 and has been supporting women with breastfeeding for over 10 years. She is available for one-on-one lactation counseling appointments.

  • Initial visit fee is $75 and includes one follow-up weight check.

  • Return visits are $25


Breastfeeding Support Group

The postpartum period can be very isolating so we prioritize holding space for women to come together to support each other through breastfeeding and early parenting. Christy facilitates the group and is available to answer questions, offer support, and help with minor challenges. A scale available for weighing babies at any time.

  • This group is FREE to the public - you do not have to be a patient at GGF to attend


Childbirth Education Classes

Our childbirth education series is geared toward the busy family and will be taught over two Saturdays.

Some of the topics covered:

  • The last trimester of pregnancy

  • Preparing for birth mentally and physically

  • Comfort measures for labor and birth

  • Physiology of labor, birth, and postpartum

  • Advocating for your birth wishes

Breastfeeding and newborn care will be covered in a third class the following week.

These classes are taught by taught by Christy Shields, an independent educator with over 10 years of experience educating families about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Cost is $150. Classe size will be limited so a $50 deposit will be due at time of registration to hold your spot. Balance due at the start of the first of two classes.

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Postpartum, Newborn, and Breastfeeding Classes

This class will follow the childbirth education series with a focus on the early postpartum period. We will discuss normal postpartum transitions, newborn care, and breastfeeding. Babies are born to breastfeed but it is easy to feel overwhelmed with information, misinformation, and normal breastfeeding challenges. This class will cover the basics of breastfeeding along with the resources to manage some common obstacles.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What to expect in the first few weeks

  • Caring for your newborn

  • Hunger cues

  • Knowing baby is getting enough

  • Latching and positions

  • Tools and supplies

Cost is $75. You may pay at the time of registration or at the start of the class. Class size is limited so register in advance.