This store is amazing!Larissa, the chiropractor is so patient and kind. Morey is a magician with massage. And there is so much variety in health promoting products! This place is a gem. So grateful to have found such a diverse and caring place. Thank you GGF staff.
— Margo Dandreano

Happy Clients


This place is amazing! With everyone's help and support, I was able to get my baby breastfeeding after almost 3 months of trying. Everyone is so helpful and sweet!

— Jessica Pi

Was adjusted on Wednesday and she was very thorough and offered suggestions to help me improve some trouble areas. Also had an amazing massage yesterday from Megan. I love the atmosphere and the kids play areas. Would absolutely recommend!

— Kristin Hupp

In my husband's words, "Life Changing! Hands down the best massage I've ever had." We look forward to becoming regular clients and feeling better than ever! Thank you!

— Casey Jackson

We highly recommend Larissa and we credit her with helping our baby overcome colic. It’s so fun to see his smiley personality shine through now that he’s not in pain all the time! Wish we had made an appointment sooner. Thank you!

— Happy Mom


Starting seeing Larissa the chiropractor around 35 weeks pregnant on a whim. I thought I would just suffer through the last few weeks of my second pregnancy with sciatic and back pain as well as severe muscle cramps through my whole legs. After 2 weeks of visits, I am SO much more comfortable and able to sleep at night and take care of my 2 year old without pain. She is so attentive and thorough. She was saddened to hear that I considered the pain "my new normal" and worked compassionately and relentlessly to make the rest of pregnancy as comfortable as possible. I am so relieved and thankful. The office is also so inviting and willing to entertain my crazy toddler so I can be adjusted!

— Shelagh Tatum

As a fellow chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy, I can say you are in AMAZING hands with Dr. Larissa. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby and drove 2 hours to see her because there isn’t anyone else close to me (other than myself) who is Webster Certified. Absolutely worth the drive! She is very thorough with her adjustments and muscle/ligament releases. The office is beautiful and has so many natural products to purchase. Loved my experience and thankful for the amazing care the tail end of my pregnancy!

— Jessica Scarratt

Highly recommend! My experience seeing Dr Larissa has been amazing and as dramatic as it sounds- it was life changing for me during the end of pregnancy and post-partum. Her office is cozy, welcoming, and professional. Her staff are kind and caring, often answer my random questions about breastfeeding and cloth diapering. I'm always greeted with a smile.

When I first met Dr Larissa, she introduced herself and took the time to ask me several detailed questions... unlike other experiences I had at the doctor, she made me feel heard, and cared for. She helped make me more comfortable while I was having severe sciatic pain, and I only wish I would have come sooner in my pregnancy!

If you are on the fence about seeing a chiropractor like I was, DON'T HESITATE. Highly recommend Dr Larissa because she is highly skilled, professional, caring, and the environment is so friendly and welcoming.

— Cassandra Andrea


Stopped in today to see if there was someway I can help my 1yr old feel better from being so congested. The ladies were so helpful in explaining different remedies I could try, and so sweet in general!

— Leslie Tuttle

Dr Larissa has been adjusting my babies since before they were born. :) She does an amazing job taking care of the kids and adults in my family. She really listens and goes above and beyond to help get you truly well, including when that means sending you to see other practitioners. We’re lucky to have her!

— Lori Harper

Larissa and her staff are so knowledgeable and wonderful! We are lucky to have this little gem in our community.

— Kristin Marion

I saw Larissa through both of my pregnancies, and both of my babies saw her from 48-hours old until our family moved away. I wish we could've taken her with us! She works so well with babies and children of all ages, and she did wonderful things for my many pregnancy discomforts, as well as my general health when I wasn't pregnant. I highly recommend her everyone's family chiropractics.

— Kathrine Barber